RRSP, TFSA, and registered investments


TFSA? RRSP? We’re there to guide you.

Should you invest in a TFSA? An RRSP? Both? And what types of investments? The answer to all these questions depends on many factors: current financial situation and income, expected retirement income, age, risk tolerance and more.

A mere couple minutes with an investment advisor at a bank branch won’t help you make the best decisions. You need an independent professional — one who has access to many of the investment products on the market, not just those offered by the institution they work for. And to advise you properly, they need to know all about you: your financial goals, income, saving habits, even your dreams.

A good advisor will also perform an in-depth follow-up every year to validate your choices or detect any changes that might dictate new financial strategies.

The experts at Groupe Financier Fortin Roy don’t just offer financial products: they work with you to make sure the program and your personality are the perfect fit.


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